Centro de Convenciones Internacionales

Cancun International Convention Center

Cancun International Convention Center

Cancun International Convention Center (Cancun ICC) is located at the heart of the hotel zone in “Punta Cancún”, just 20 minutes away from the International Airport, the second busiest in Mexico and the largest in Latin America, with excellent international connectivity.

Punta Cancún is the main business area, including our facility and more than 4,237 nearby hotel rooms within walking distance. It also offers a wide variety of services, such as banks, money exchange houses, restaurants, nightlife entertainment, which offer special prices for congress, meetings and exhibitions participants.

We invite you to experience the union of business, ecology and culture in a world class destination!


    Versatility is our motto

    Our facility includes meeting rooms and full utilities to be the perfect venue for your conferences, conventions and exhibitions. Our different rooms and halls will transform to any possibility you can imagine.

    From a cocktail party, to a big exposition, if it is a medical or corporate congress, we have exactly what you need. We have the space, a great location, the best team in town and the bidding books, we just need a date from you… and the rest you can leave it to us!

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    We love to exceed expectations

    We take care of every single detail to make greater any occasion. From the calls we receive, throughout the organizing process, till the day of the event; you can rely and trust that our team members have the experience and professionalism to provide the best solutions and commitment to make your event a success.

    You can have the confidence that we will present to you the best suppliers and complimentary services to meet your specifications and the quality you’re aiming for.

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    We believe in leaving a legacy

    When your event takes place at Cancun ICC, you are contributing to improve the quality of life in our Mayan and local communities.

    As part of our corporate social responsibility program, we created a social initiative with Costa Maya Foundation, a nonprofit association, which woks in three main social fields: health, education and work.



  • Some of our invaluable experiences include:



Experience, 6,000 conference and exhibition with more than 40,000 participants. We also have a close relationship with the State Government’s Tourism Department and the Cancun Conventions and Visitors Bureau, into having a leading role as a facilitator destination.

  • World Travel Award

  • World Travel Award

    Our team works every day with a commitment to host memorable and successful events, these has led us to be awarded for 7 consecutive years with international recognition World Travel Award as “Mexico & Central America’s Leading Meetings & Conference Centre”.

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  • International Congress

  • International Congress and Convention Association

    We are proud members of International Congress and Convention Association since 2009, actively participating in international ICCA and working in the concerted promotion of our region as an attractive destination for international meetings.

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2003 2nd The Biennial Review of Preimplantation Embryology 200
2003 8th Human Genome Meeting 1,000
2003 I Geosciences Petroleum Conference 1,500
2004 9th Endoscopic Surgery World Congress 3,000
2004 11th Infectious Diseases Conference 3,000
2004 47th COTAL Conference 2,500
2004 16th ONEXPO Show Exhibition 1,200
2004 14th TEPAL Convention 300
2004 LIII INTERPOL Assembly 1,200
2004 American Association of Petroleum Geologists [AAPG][/AAPG] 4,000
2005 PCMA Joint Board Meeting Cancun 2005 588
2006 XX Inter-American Congress of Cardiology 4,000
2006 XV Congress of the Latin American Association of Maxillofacial Surgery 700
2006 V Latin American Congress on Thorax 800
2006 IV Symposium of Social Responsibility of the Americas 500
2006 I International Petroleum Congress and Exhibition 5,000
2006 XXX Pan-American Congress on Gastroenterology 2,000
2007 XII 4200 District Rotary International Conference 1,200
2007 XXVI Pan-american Congress of Ophthalmology PAAO 4,000
2007 XXI Biennial Meeting of the International Society for Neurochemistry ISN / ASN 1,500
2007 Tahitian Noni Convention 1,600
2007 25th World Congress of Endourology SWL 2,000
2007 28th Latinamerican Congress of Anesthesiology 3,000
2008 Novartis Oncology Convention 800
2008 Financial and Insurance Conference Planners Annual Conference 1,000
2008 26th CITES Workshop 600
2008 47th IEEE Conference on Decisition and Control 900
2009 29th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases 200
2009 4th Global Congress Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy 1,000
2009 40th Union Conference on Lung Health 2,000
2010 51st Annual Meeting of the Governors of the Interamerican Development Bank 5,000
2010 19th WONCA World Congress on Family Medicine 5,000
2010 ISSA Interclean Symposium and Exhibition 1,200
2010 XVIII Congress of the Iber-American Colleague of Dermatology 4,000
2011 Wireless Communication Network Conference 800
2011 5th Pan-American Conference of Non-destructive Testing 1,500
2011 22nd World Allergy Organization Congress 5,000
2012 8º International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology World Congress 1,000
2012 30th International Congress on Occupational Health 2,000
2012 XXXIV World Congress of the International Society of Hematology 2,000
2012 XXXII congress of the International Society of Blood Transfusion ISBT 2,000
2012 Congress of the International Primatological Society 1,200
2012 22nd Latin-American Congress of Clinical Pathology 2,000
2012 2nd Annual Meeting of the Lebanese Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery 500
2013 Congress of the International Society of Development Biologist ISDB 1,000
2013 12th Symposium of Industrial Microorganisms 1,200
2013 15th Latin American Congress on Diabetes 3,000
2014 14th World Congress on Menopause 3,000
2014 8th World Congress of the International Society for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 2,000
2014 11th World Congress on Nuclear Medicine and Biology 4,000
2014 27th Congress of the International College for Maxilo-Facial Surgery ICMFS 600
2014 XX Iber-Latin American congress of Plastic Surgery 1,200
2015 3rd UNCCD – CONAFOR 500
2015 International Conference on Apheresis – ISFA 1,000
2015 Latin American Congress on Rhinology and Facial Surgery 400
2015 TESOL 500
2015 Congress of the American Urological Confederation – CAU 3,000
2015 WASPaLM World Congress 1,500

Corporate social responsibility

In Cancun International Convention Center (Cancun ICC) do social brigades working in areas as: health, food, reforestation, maintenance, painting and cleaning of beaches, streets and communal areas .